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中文字幕日本无码 大学生的四年、三年、两年也都进入尾声。



中文字幕日本无码 下面就是Top5,来看看有没有你种草的目的地。



"Have you eaten?" The words are used as a greeting here, and the answer is always "yes", as there's just too much nibbling to do. Taiwan offers the gamut of Chinese cuisines, some of the best Japanese outside Japan, and a full house of local specialities from Tainan milkfish and Taipei beef noodles to indigenous barbecued wild boar.

中文字幕日本无码 “食饭了吗?”在这里,这句话是问候语,回答也总是“食了”,因为食的东西太多了。台湾省有各种各样的中式菜系,这儿的日本办理也是除了日本之外最好的,还有台南奶鱼、台北牛肉面、土生土长的烤野猪等本地特色菜。

Night markets around the island serve endless feasts of snacks including stinky tofu, steamed dumplings, oyster omelettes, shrimp rolls and shaved ice. And when you're thirsty you can look forward to juices from the freshest local fruits, local craft beer, aromatic teas and, in a surprising twist, Asia's best gourmet coffee.

中文字幕日本无码 岛上的夜市也提供了无数的小食,包括臭豆腐、蒸饺、蚵仔煎、虾卷和刨冰。你口渴的时候,可以等待下最新鲜的本地水果、本地手工啤酒、香茶,还有你想不来的,亚洲最好的美味咖啡。



Japan is truly timeless, a place where ancient traditions are fused with modern life as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

中文字幕日本无码 日本真是不受时间影响的地方,古老的传统与现代生活融合在一起,似乎这再自然不过了。

Wherever you are in Japan, it seems, you're never far from a great meal. Restaurants often specialise in just one dish — perhaps having spent generations perfecting it — and pay close attention to every stage, from sourcing the freshest, local ingredients to assembling the dish attractively.


《寿司之神》剧照 来源:豆瓣

And as you'll quickly discover, Japanese cuisine has great regional variations. The hearty hotpots of the mountains are, for example, dramatically different from the delicate sushi for which the coast is famous. It's also intensely seasonal, meaning you can visit at a different time of year and experience totally new tastes.





Home to many of the world's greatest works of art, architecture and gastronomy, Italy elates, inspires and moves like no other.

中文字幕日本无码 意大利拥有许多世界上最伟大的艺术、建筑和美食作品,这些作品用与其他国家不同的方式,让人沉醉其中,备受鼓励和感动。

It might look like a boot, but food-obsessed Italy feels more like a decadently stuffed Christmas stocking. From delicate tagliatelle al ragù to velvety cannoli, every bite can feel like a revelation.


The secret: superlative ingredients and finely tuned know-how. And while Italy's culinary soul might prefer simplicity, it's equally ingenious and sophisticated. Expect some of the world's top fine-dining destinations, from San Pellegrino 'World's Best 50' hot spots to Michelin-starred musts.


So whether you're on a degustation odyssey in Modena, truffle hunting in Piedmont or swilling powerhouse reds in the Valpolicella wine region, prepare to loosen that belt.

中文字幕日本无码 所以,无论你是在摩德纳这儿食一点儿,那儿食一块儿,还是在皮埃蒙特遍觅松露,亦或是在瓦尔波利塞拉葡萄酒区畅饮红酒,你都得准备好松开裤腰带了。




Hong Kong welcomes with an iconic skyline, a legendary kitchen, and lush, protected nature where rare birds and colourful traditions thrive.

中文字幕日本无码 香港迎接你的是它标志性的天际线、充满传奇的厨房和保护得当的丰饶自然区域,珍稀鸟类栖息于此,色彩斑斓的传统文化也在这里繁育生息。

中文字幕日本无码 One of the world's top culinary capitals, the city that worships the God of Cookery has many a demon in the kitchen, whether the deliciousness in the pot is Cantonese, Sichuanese, Japanese or French. So deep is the city's love of food and so broad its culinary repertoire that whatever your gastronomic desires, Hong Kong will find a way to sate them. The answer could be a bowl of wonton noodles, freshly steamed dim sum, a warm pineapple bun wedged with butter, a pair of the sweetest prawns, your first-ever stinky tofu, or the creations of the latest celebrity chef.

中文字幕日本无码 香港是世界顶级食都之一,也是信仰厨神的城市,无论锅里的美味是粤菜、川菜、日本办理还是法国烹饪,烹饪界都高手如云。这座城市对食物的爱之深,覆盖面之广,无论你的美食欲望有多大,香港总能找来某种方式来满足你。答案可能是一碗馄饨面、刚蒸好的点心、一个夹着黄油的热菠萝面包、一对最甜的对虾、你第一次食的臭豆腐,或者是名厨的最新创意。



Fujian is an attractive coastal province with a long seafaring history. As a significant stop on the maritime Silk Road, its cities developed an easy cosmopolitan outlook and visitors are surprised by the traces of elsewhere in its architecture, food, language and people.


中文字幕日本无码 Xiamen is the star attraction to visitors, with its long seaside promenade and easy access to little Gulangyu.

中文字幕日本无码 厦门是游客眼中的星级目的地,有着长长的海边大道,从这儿去来小岛鼓浪屿也很方便。

Away from the coast, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed tulou (roundhouses) rise out of the countryside and for generations have housed traditional Hakka and Fujianese communities. Further north, the hill station of Wuyishan offers year-round hiking opportunities and a memorable river cruise on bamboo rafts.

中文字幕日本无码 远离滨海地区,乡间拔地而起的是被联合国教科文组织列入世界遗产名录的土楼,这里是传统客家人与福建人的世代聚居地。再往北一点,武夷山全年都适合人们去徒步旅行,那儿还可以乘坐竹筏游览难忘的河上风光。


中文字幕日本无码 旅行呢,肯定不能不做攻略就出发的,下面有些小贴士,帮助新手“驴友”轻松开启旅行。


✰Decide what you will want to wear and/or bring.


✰Do any last shopping: food, clothes, toiletries, items to bring on trip.


✰Do laundry and/or dry cleaning.

中文字幕日本无码 洗衣服和/或干洗。



中文字幕日本无码 ✰Check the expected weather conditions.

中文字幕日本无码 查看未来天气状况。

中文字幕日本无码 ✰Pack up all of the items in your bags to make sure that they will fit inside.

中文字幕日本无码 把所有的东西都打包来你的包里,要确保都能放得进去。

中文字幕日本无码 ✰Put liquids into a quart-size Ziploc bag.


✰Go through your purse and other carry on items to make sure that you don't have any prohibited items (sharp objects like scissors).

中文字幕日本无码 仔细检查你的钱包和其他随身携带的物品,确保没有任何违禁品(尖锐物体,如剪刀)。

✰Do online check in 24 hours in advance, and print out boarding pass.

中文字幕日本无码 提前24小时在线办理值机手续,并打印登机牌。



中文字幕日本无码 ✰Do final packing of toiletries, food, books, etc.

中文字幕日本无码 最后打包化妆品、食品、书籍等。

✰Double check the flight status, your boarding pass and ID card (passport if you are leaving your home country).


✰Give yourself some "buffer time" so if you're running late or hit bad traffic, you're still OK.






✰Exchange money


✰Double check passport up to date & visa OK


✰Cell phone, calling card rates


中文字幕日本无码 ✰Give contact info to parents and friends

中文字幕日本无码 向父母和朋友提供联系信息

中文字幕日本无码 ✰Go to travel clinic for immunizations, medicine and food precautions

中文字幕日本无码 前往旅行诊所进行免疫接种、药物和食物预防措施

✰Ask about local customs in terms of acceptable/unacceptable dress and activities

中文字幕日本无码 了解当地习俗——可接受的/不可接受的着装和活动

✰Ask about converters for electronics-voltage and/or plugs

中文字幕日本无码 询问转换器的电压和/或插头型号

中文字幕日本无码 ✰Buy travel insurance & emergency medical insurance

中文字幕日本无码 购买旅行保险和紧急医疗保险

中文字幕日本无码 ✰Check that your carry-on items are allowed in each airport where you need to take a flight. (Restrictions can be different for different countries.)



中文字幕日本无码 看完出行贴士,有没有心动。


中文字幕日本无码 祝你毕业愉快,旅途平安。


中文字幕日本无码 nibble v小口咬;一点点的咬

indigenous adj本地的;当地的;土生土长的

omelette n煎蛋卷;摊鸡蛋

gourmet n美食家

hearty adj(饭菜或胃口)大的;丰盛的

gastronomy n烹饪法;美食学

中文字幕日本无码 ingenious adj精巧的;奇妙的;新颖特别的

lush adj茂盛的;茂盛的;草木繁茂的

中文字幕日本无码 culinary adj烹饪的;食物的

中文字幕日本无码 cruise n乘船游览;航行

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